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Wastahi stands for "Water, Stars, and Hills"

Camp Wastahi is a non-denominational residential summer camp for kids aged 6-17.  Founded by Camp Fire Girls at Big Basin State Park in 1925, many of the same values about service, environmental appreciation, teamwork, leadership, and fun remain for almost a century.


In 2002 the Santa Clara County Camp Fire USA office was unable to continue Camp Wastahi.  In light of this, three wonderful "camp moms" stepped forward to keep this vital tradition going.  Seeing first-hand what positive effects the camp experience had on their own children, they, along with dozens of dedicated staff members, have made significant contributions to ensure Camp Wastahi continues.


Camp Wastahi is a non-profit organization made possible solely due to the volunteer time that so many wonderful and committed staff have contributed over the years.      

At Camp Wastahi our goal is to...

  • Develop leadership and confidence

  • Promote team work

  • Honor diversity

  • Get back to nature

  • Respect the environment

  • Encourage individuality

  • Let kids be kids in a safe environment 

  • HAVE FUN!!

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