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Hello Current and Future Camp Families!


   We are so excited and honored to share another great summer with you!  As each camp season rolls around, we are reminded of how special our camp really is.  Wastahi facilitates compassion, independence, accountability, teamwork, confidence, and just good old-fashioned outdoor fun.  It is a joy to see how much just one week can affect a child’s life.


   You may notice that we talk a lot about Wastahi magic.  This magic lies within everyone that participates in camp.  From the youngest first-year camper with wonder in their eyes to the staff that has “grown up Wastahi,” to family volunteers; the impact Wastahi has on the lives it touches is indescribable.  It is an escape from social norms, provides the environment to find and be their truest self, and a reset button for so many.

Thank you for trusting us with your kids and for believing in the magic.  This year is going to be the best one yet!



Camp Wastahi Directors


Sending your kids away for a week is fun and exciting, full of adventure and independence for the kids… but can be kind of scary for parents. Here’s a little info to help!


   Get stoked! You are about to have the best summer ever! Camp Wastahi is a fun-filled week celebrating a year of holidays.  You might have St. Patrick’s Day green pancakes for breakfast, make a costume for the Halloween carnival, or count down to noon for New Years Eve in July.  This theme runs through almost every meal and event at camp.


Camp Wastahi is nestled amongst the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains on over 100 acres at the Daybreak Camp facility in Felton, California. 

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