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COVID Information


  • COVID vaccinations are recommended but NOT required.

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS must complete a COVID rapid test during camper check in check-in (NO exceptions).  

    • Before your camper can get on the bus or go beyond the on-campus sign-in area, a Rapid Antigen Test must be performed with supervision of our camp nurse at sign-in. 

  • Negative result required to attend.


  • Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties are currently in the green tier. 

  • We are actively following the most up to date guidelines.

  • Wastahi reserves the right to adjust protocols, as deemed necessary at any time.

    • This may include serial Rapid Testing of all participants, mask use (intermittent to required), etc.

    • Parent/guardians will be notified should any new safety protocols be implemented. 

  • For 2024, we require ALL participants (campers and staff)  submit a negative Rapid Antigen Test at the start of camp. 

  • Any participant that produces a positive test during the camp session, is not allowed to stay on campus.

    • Tests will be performed on participants presenting with symptoms to the Health Specialists.

    • Positive persons will wait in a designated isolation area, properly distanced from other participants, until they can be safely transported home.

    • Members of the cabin group and any close contacts will be Rapid Antigen Tested at that time, and again after 48hours

    • We will notify ALL parents/guardians of exposure. 

  • The parents/guardians (as listed on registration forms) of all participants have the right to pick up their child at any point in the camp session. 

    • However, notice MUST be given directly to the Camp Director prior to arrival by calling 831-244-3261.

    • Upon arrival, all non-registered persons must stay in the parking area until met by a camp staff member. 


  • If able, please bring 1 or more Rapid Antigen Tests labeled with your camper’s name. This aids us in the ability to Rapid Test for safety should your child present with symptoms.

    • Wastahi is procuring an allotment of tests, but cannot predict how often testing may be necessary. If the tests you bring go unused, we will attempt to return them to you.



  • Masking remains optional, our participants have the right to continue to mask if they so choose.  

  • Our camp culture prohibits bullying of any kind. This includes teasing anyone for their choice to wear or not wear a mask. 

  • Please note, due to suffocation risk, we cannot allow any participant to sleep in a mask. 

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