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Family Kitchen Volunteers 

       They say the kitchen is the heart of the home…

It’s even more so at camp.  Volunteer help in the  camp kitchen is absolutely imperative to the flow of camp. Kitchen volunteers are responsible for assisting the head chef in prepping, serving and cleaning each meal. Volunteers must be California Food Handler certified. 


Camp isn't just for the kids! Volunteering in the kitchen can also help towards your campers registration fees! Discounts are available and can vary depending on availability of each volunteer. 

Tuition discounts are applied by meal or by day.


  • -$25 per Meal

  • -$90 per Day (3 meals + snack)

  • Full week = 1 full campership


Apply ONLINE! Click the link below and Register for "Kitchen Volunteer"


Subject line: Name, Kitchen Staff Inquiry


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