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Get STOKED for the best summer EVER!!


Games & Activites 

At Wasathi we stay active all week long! Here’s a list of just a few of our activities: 


Counselor Hunt
Sleep out under the stars
Talent Show
Water Carnival
Team building games
Halloween carnival
Valentine’s Day dance
Closing Campfire
And so much more!


A Typical Day at Camp

A typical day at Wastahi includes:


  • 3 meals and a snack (we promise this isn’t typical camp food!)

  • Morning activity or craft

  • Camp Kapers (cleaning around camp – taking pride in and help to maintain our camp community)

  • Three individually chosen electives (see electives)

  • Evening activity


Daily Electives

Campers and Junior Staff get to participate in three afternoon elective activities each day.  Elective choices include:


Arts and crafts

Sports and games
And more!

Camp Wastahi has a long list of TRADITIONS, and the list seems to grow every year! Below are some of our most notable traditions.


Holiday Week

Wastahi incorporates a holiday theme throughout the week. Themes are presented through meals in decoration and food, as well as daily events and activities. Campers love the holiday theme, as it allows them the opportunity to dress up, act silly, and have fun!



Togo is a magical elf that watches over the camp. He helps our youngest campers feel comfortable and adds to the whimsy of camp. Keep a keen eye, he is so fast very few have seen him! His house has elf dust that builds confidence in those who wear it.  Togo loves letters and sends notes to celebrate achievements throughout the session. 


Camp Names

We often say how camp allows our true self to shine. Camp names are unique to each individual at camp (since we avoid duplication). They encourage everyone to be their truest self without judgment or social norms interfering. It is hard to be shy while calling someone by a silly name!



Cabin Flag & Awards

On the first day of camp, cabin groups create a cabin name, theme song/chant, and a cabin flag to carry around camp.  Cabins have the opportunity to earn awards for their efforts and actions all week long. It's a way to celebrate their achievements as a team. 


All Camp Sleepout

We designate one night for the camp to sleep under the stars. On this night, kids get to tell stories around the campfire, roast marshmallows, make s’mores, play flashlight games, find pictures in the stars and enjoy the open air.


Counselor Hunt

On the last full day of camp, the whole camp goes on a scavenger hunt where cabin groups search for counselors and other staff hiding throughout camp. Each staff member is worth an undisclosed amount of points. The cabin group with the highest amount of points wins a cabin flag award to display.


Secret Missions

Secret missions are unique activities given to each cabin group throughout the day/week at camp. These missions are usually something silly for cabins to do over a certain time period, earning a flag award when completed. But remember... it's a secret!!

DSC_0422 2.JPG

Water Carnival

A fun-filled day to be outside and enjoy the sunshine! After a good coat of sunscreen, cabin groups rotate around to each water activity; such as a water obstacle course, pool time, as well as face painting, snow cones, and other great water games. 

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