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1.  Handwritten cards or letters provide a wonderful personal touch (preferred method):

  • Mail may be sent before and during the camp session (US mail generally arrives in 1-3 days). 

  • Pre-written letters may be handed to the director at camper check-in. 

    • Please mark the date to deliver on each envelope

  • Address letters in this format:          

 "Camp Name (if known)" Full Name

c/o Camp Wastahi at Daybreak Camp

6676 Rose Acres Lane

Felton, CA 95018

2.  Email: 

  • The quickest way of sending your camper a note.

  • Printed in black and white and limited to 2 pages (1 page preferred).

  • Delivery usually within 24hours from receipt.

  • MUST send to the Camper Email Address below.

  • Camper Email Address:

Subject Line: "Camp Name (if Known)" Full Name


IMPORTANT: Emails sent to the General Wastahi Email are not guaranteed to be delivered. 

NOTE: Content of letters:

  • We encourage families to write in a positive encouraging tone.
  • We GREATLY DISCOURAGE breaking any difficult or sad news via letter or email.
  • In such event, please call the Camp Director at (831) 244-3261 to arrange the best way to tell your camper(s) the news (ex. by phone if urgent, or wait until they get home).
  • Campers can send handwritten letters/postcards at any time.

  • Outgoing mail goes in the camp mailbox each evening. We recommend packing pre-addressed & stamped envelopes.

  • Since campers unplug for the week at camp, campers will not be able to respond via email. 



  • We recommend sending handwritten letters over care packages to avoid potential allergen exposure.

  • If you choose to send a care package:

    • Please only send things like small travel games, handy camp supplies, or fun books.

    • Do NOT send food or anything on the “do not send” portion of the packing list.

      • ​​We must be cautious of ingredients that could trigger an anaphylactic or other allergy response. We also want to avoid enticing animals/insects into the cabins. 

  • Campers will be asked to open any care packages in front of their counselor or a staff member for reasons above. 

  • Anything received that we cannot allow in the cabins will be held in the camp office and returned at camp check-out.



  • In order to give your child the best camp experience, emphasizing independence and confidence, phone calls to or from your child during the camp session are reserved for urgent/emergency purposes only.

    • Phone calls take kids out of "camp mode" and can make them feel very homesick.

  • Update requests can be arranged with the Camp Director.

  • You may reach us by phone:

    • Camp Director (831) 244-3261

    • Co-Executive Director, Soleil at (408) 219-4150

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