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Camp Wastahi runs on 100% volunteer power both on campus and behind the scenes. Our amazing Directors and Board Members volunteer hundreds of hours a year to make Wastahi possible! We might be a small camp... but we really are a BIG family!

Meet our Board and Directors!



Patricia Boepple
Executive Director &
Board President

Soleil was a Camp Fire USA leader for 11 years.  Her love of camp began as a Girl Scout when her time at camp gave her confidence, bringing out the inner leader in her.  Her two children have grown up at Wastahi and volunteered as staff members for many years.  Hope and Gilligan’s mom is a certified tree-hugger and love helping campers learn about nature and the environment. But don’t let her catch you littering or not having fun!  When she isn’t at camp, Soleil is a Sr. VP at an international equity plan management firm and she credits much of her success today with her early experiences at camp. 



Nora Tryhorn
Executive Director &
Board Vice President

Ume’ has been joined at the hip with Soleil for almost 30 years, since they were co-leaders at Camp Fire.  Wastahi was Ume’s first experience at summer camp beside 6th-grade science camp.  She loves it so much she has a Wastahi mug, hat, and pillow case!  Ume’ is the proud mom of Salamander, Newt, and step-mom to Four. Ume’ can be found all around camp – checking in with campers, working in Arts and Craft and making sure everyone is having fun! Outside of camp, she recently retired from her position as President of an R&D and manufacturing plant in San Jose, and enjoying her new job as Grandma.



Sandra Nakamura
Camp Director

Whisper has quite literally grown up Wastahi, Whisper started as a camper in 1990 only missing a handful of years along the way. Pulling from her Wastahi experience and a summer-long residential camp on the east coast, she has and continues to help Wastahi’s evolution while keeping long-standing traditions alive.  Outside of camp, Whisper works as a Respiratory Therapist at a children's hospital. She loves snowboarding, dancing, music, and art. Whisper’s exuberance and creativity flow throughout camp. 



Michael Mrizek
Program Director

LP started as a camper at Wastahi in 2007. Since becoming Junior Staff, he was always eager to help kids have the best time possible at camp. This goal has only grown after becoming Program Director, to also give his counselors a fun week and help them gain valuable experience leading children. He pulls his experience from the activities he participated in as a camper and counselor at both Wastahi and Walden West. During the rest of the year LP enjoys his theatre career in Seattle and can be found doing one of his numerous hobbies such as snowboarding, cooking, camping and much more.



Sarah Cade
Art Director

Our madcap Art Director, Mad Madam Mim, joined the Wastahi staff in 2010. An artist based in San Jose, she’s here to bring wonder, whimsy, and fanciful flair to all parts of the Wastahi experience. There’s no creative challenge she isn’t ready to help the kids tackle; from un-Birthday cards to cabin awards, a gift for someone back home or putting the final touches on a Halloween costume. So join Madam Mim in the Arts and Crafts Elective to see what fun activities she has planned for us this year!



Amy Bright
Camp Director

Star found Wastahi when her two Campfire USA club leaders (Ume’ and Soleil) challenged their club to run Wastahi as their senior project.  Star’s enthusiasm, responsibility, and approachability helps camp grow each year as she continues to inspire those around her.  One of Star’s favorite pastimes is getting to know others and she always has a ready ear for counselors and campers alike. 



Emma Ly
Assistant Program Director 

No matter what time of year, Pistachio loves being a little silly a lot of the time. Since the age of 10, Pistachio finds herself dreaming of camp, returning each year as camper, then Junior Staff, cabin counselor, and now senior staff. Wastahi sparked Pistachio’s love of working with kids, spending their time in college introducing K-12 students to STEM fields while studying engineering. Since graduating, Pistachio works as an industrial designer developing store fixtures and mentors high school students pursuing design and trade careers in architecture, construction, and engineering. Pistachio is counting down the days until camp in roman numerals!!

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 10.39.54 PM.jpeg


Jillian MacLeod
Social Media Diector

Ohana started going to camp as a 12 year old in 2011. She loved the unique community that camp provided and felt like it was one of the only places that she was encouraged to be her true self around her peers. She credits camp’s leadership program with teaching her excellent independence, problem solving, team building, and leadership skills. Over ten years later, she has 6 years of volunteer experience as a counselor under her belt (it would have been 8 without the pandemic)! She believes that camp was a huge reason that she developed her drive to make the world a better place for others, and she now has a J.D. degree and job at a legal nonprofit.

Screenshot 2023-05-28 at 2.58.04 PM.jpeg


Joshua Gingold
Junior Staff Director

Chowder has been coming to camp since he was a wee 8 year old!  After years of first being a camper and then junior staff, he wanted to provide campers with the same amazing experience that he received by joining the Wastahi staff as a cabin counselor. These days he enjoys working with the JCs and CITs as a Junior Staff Director, preparing the next generation to become counselors at Camp Wastahi. Outside of camp Chowder enjoys painting, hikes through the forest, and reading historical fiction. 



Chloe Sanders
Lead Counselor

Clover has been a part of the Wastahi family since 2009 and has returned to camp every year!  After going through the Junior Staff program and many years as a counselor, Clover now works as a Lead Counselor, to oversee and assist camp counselors as they navigate through the week. Her years as a counselor make her a great resource for all cabin staff, to provide the best possible camp experience for their campers. Clover is extremely creative and fun, which is only magnified at camp. From face painting and balloon twisting to fire building and learning about nature, she enjoys the opportunity to use and share these skills.



Cheyenne Dufall
Junior Staff Director

Four has been coming to Wastahi for as long as she can remember! Four credits her time at Wastahi for much of her personal growth and decision to pursue a career in social work.  While in college, Four ran an educational outreach program that taught local middle schoolers about the legal system, culminating in a school-wide mock trial. Her time working with students and campers alike has shown her the positive impact support and encouragement can have on each child. When she isn’t at camp, she loves reading all things fantasy and sci-fi.



Everett Schneiderman
Lead Counselor

Ghost Story started at Wastahi as a camper in 2007 and worked their way up through the ranks as a JC, CIT, Counselor to Lead Counselor. They have taught the drama, music, and writing electives at camp, drawing from their education in theatre at UCSC. After graduating in 2016, they began working with junior theatre programs in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, as well as for the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. Ghost Story's great enthusiasm for learning through fun is what keeps them coming back to camp year after year! 



Phillip Carver
Lead Counselor

Spark’s journey at Wastahi began at the young age of 9, as a camper! He credits his camp experience, particularly as a junior staff member and cabin counselor, as the catalyst for being actively involved in their community; volunteering with various organizations throughout high school and college. Now a senior staff member, they aspire to repay the kindness and ensure a fun and enjoyable week for everyone at Wastahi. Outside of Wastahi, Spark can be found rock climbing, biking, and playing basketball in their free time.



Danielle Corso
Board Secretary

Wahine first attended Wastahi when she was 9, and remembers what a hard time she had being away from home.  With the help of her awesome counselors and letters from Togo, she was able to jump into the fun of Wastahi.  She worked her way up the ladder from a counselor, to program director, to camp director, and then secretary of the board.  She credits camp for her strong organizational skills and the ability to be herself. She carries a little bit of camp spirit with her every day when she teaches her 6th and 7th graders.  Her passion and love for camp have helped shape Wastahi into the amazing organization it is today.



Veronica Harris
Senior Staff Float 

Photo and bio coming soon! 



Debbie Phillips
Board Treasurer 

Along with Ume and Soleil, Pismo was one of the amazing camp moms that pushed to keep Wastahi running after the Campfire chapter disbanded. She is mom to Wahine and Hawk.  Pismo not only handles all of our money matters, she also double duties as our Camp Cheerleader.  She has a kind word and a helping hand to offer to everyone.  Pismo handles money in the real world as a Controller for an avionics company.

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